Benefits include

A secure, partitioned service. Firstly, your online Hero data is separate from other online Hero users. The service is designed so that each online Hero service user is implemented in individual databases, with your organisation's data secured and backed up in our hosting environment. This means that as your requirements grow and change and you may need to bring online Hero "in-house", you can do so with a minimum of fuss.

Low cost, hassle-free maintenance. An online web based applications can be expensive to build, but even more expensive to maintain. server and software upgrades, virus and security threat management, bandwidth, backups, support - these all add up to the running costs of a web application. Hero provides the best practice for all these enterprise-grade features at Small-Medium Enterprise prices, so you can focus on your core business - not the business of maintaining technology.

Operational Cost Benefits. From our research, the typical practice for Recruiting & Labour Hire companies require contract / temp staff to complete and fax or email weekly attendance sheets (timesheets) on a weekly basis, where they will be processed by administrators. No matter the frequency of this and the volume of these transactions it remains that it is a cost to the business, not to mention the cost of human error or illegible timesheets. By having the candidates electronically submit their timesheet, this can save hundreds of man hours of your internal administration staff.

Capital Cost Benefits. Capital outlay is minimal for a "best practice" cutting edge software service, which can grow with your business. Hero is structured in such a way to have a mininal upfront capital investment and offer affordable on-going operational costs benefits.

Operational Efficiency. With Hero, the administrator's function is significantly reduced and in some cases eliminated, and the Candidate, instead of having to complete a hard copy timesheet, await approval & fax or scan & email, can automatically enter it onto the system, be notified when it is approved and be paid ASAP. In addition, with the automated email and or SMS reminder system built in, there is a reduction of delinquent timesheets or at the very least, a system to provide an instant snapshot of those that are not up to date.

Reduced Processing Time. Typically, the Client needs to sign and approve the timesheets by Close of Business Friday, in order for ‘processing’ to take place over the weekend and then flow into the various systems the following week to ensure timely invoice / payment to all parties. With the ‘processing’ step being removed the Client can approve the timesheets up until the payment cut off time and still paying the candidate on time.

Efficient Tracking. With everything being performed via web, communication is clear between the Recruiter labour hire company, Client and Candidate. The Candidate understand precisely when the form has been approved (this can be via email or in a customised version, SMS). The Client can mange mutliple candidates at any time via a ‘dashboard’, this ensures that at any one time, they know the status of each candidate. The Recruiter can access reports and send automatic preset reminders to either group to ensure efficient processing.

Flexibility. Our systems are not complex so it is easy to integrate maintain and as required return to the status quo.

User Friendly. Your clients have the flexibility to remain on the fax or email process until they are familiar with the Hero, which has either eliminated completely or significantly reduced the need for ‘processing’ and with all the back end interfacing between various accounting, payroll systems done once, there is little or no intervention required by the you. This ensures more efficient entering of figures and making calculations effortlessly guranteeing a simple user friendly system.